The Deadly Dozen

The Deadly Dozen Free Tailgate Safety Topic

Accidents never just happen on their own- there is always something that causes the accident. Sometimes there are multiple causes. If we remove possible causes, we will drastically reduce the chances of an accident. If you learn to recognize common accident causes, you can act before somebody gets hurt. Accidents are either caused by unsafe acts or unsafe conditions, or some combination of the two. The Deadly Dozen are a collection of 12 unsafe acts and 12 unsafe conditions that commonly lead to major accidents. Looking out for the Deadly Dozen can help you and your coworkers stay safe at work.

Unsafe Acts Deadly Dozen

Unsafe acts cause the majority of workplace injuries. The Deadly Dozen unsafe acts are:

  1. Working or operating equipment too fast (rushing).
  2. Unauthorized use of equipment.
  3. Failure to secure materials to prevent unexpected movement.
  4. Failure to post required safety warnings or signals.
  5. Removing machine guards.
  6. Using damaged or defective tools.
  7. Using tools or equipment improperly.
  8. Standing in an unsafe location.
  9. Servicing equipment that is moving or in operation.
  10. Riding on equipment while not in a seat.
  11. Failure to wear required PPE
  12. Horseplay

Unsafe Conditions Deadly Dozen

Unsafe conditions do not cause accidents as frequently, but they are often severe when they do. Look out for these unsafe conditions:

  1. Poor Housekeeping.
  2. Fire hazards.
  3. Lack of warning systems, like back-up alarms.
  4. Lack of machine guards.
  5. Unexpected movement.
  6. Hazardous atmospheres.
  7. Unsafe storage of materials.
  8. Damaged tools or equipment.
  9. Excessive noise or poor lighting.
  10. Congested work areas.
  11. Hazardous atmospheres, such as excessive chemical fumes or dust.
  12. Protruding objects such as nails, wire, or jagged metal.


Hazard recognition is one of the most important parts of your job. It can safe lives. While you work today, try to identify as many unsafe acts or conditions as you can. Make sure to let your supervisor know!

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