Forklift Inspection Checklist- Gas Powered


Forklift Inspection Checklist for Gas-Powered Forklifts

This is an easy to use forklift inspection checklist that can be used for the daily pre-use inspections that your employees should perform on your company’s gas powered forklifts.  OSHA regulations state that all mobile equipment must be inspected for safety issues before being put into use each shift.

The checklist has space for each day of the week, so only one sheet needs to be filled out weekly.  This will cut down on paperwork and filing space!  Checklist items include tires, hydraulic lines, controls, fluid levels, safety equipment, and much more.  There is also space for inspector’s remarks and signature.

First American Safety’s forklift inspection checklists make the process quick and easy.  All you need to do is add your company name, print the document, and train your employees to use it.  You can make as many copies as you need.  Best of all, you can modify the document in any way that suits your company or your specific machines.

Note: this forklift inspection checklist is designed only for gas-powered forklifts.  We also offer a forklift inspection checklist for electric forklifts here.

Learn more about OSHA’s regulations regarding forklifts here.


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