Forklift Safety Poster for California Workplaces



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Every employer using industrial trucks or industrial tow tractors, shall post and enforce a set of operating rules including the appropriate rules listed below:

  • Only drivers authorized by the employer and trained in the safe operations of industrial trucks or industrial tow tractors shall be permitted to operate such vehicles. Methods shall be devised to train operators in safe operation of powered industrial trucks.
  • Stunt driving and horseplay are prohibited.
  • No riders shall be permitted on vehicles unless provided with adequate riding facilities.
  • Employees shall not ride on the forks of lift trucks.
  • Employees shall not place any part of their bodies outside the running lines of an industrial truck or between mast uprights or other parts of the truck where shear or crushing hazards exist.
  • Employees shall not be allowed to stand, pass, or work under the elevated portion of any industrial truck, loaded or empty, unless it is effectively blocked to prevent it from falling.
  • Drivers shall check the vehicle at least once per shift, and if it is found to be unsafe, the matter shall be reported immediately to a foreman or mechanic.
  • The section for order 3668 describe the safe operation, training program, and certification procedures for operators of Powered Industrial Trucks.

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  • Laminated on both sides and printed in high quality full color
  • Size: 11×17, 18×24, 24×39 inches
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