(09) Transportation Industry IWC Poster


IWC #9 Transportation Industry


Where Used:
Any business or establishment operated for the primary purpose of furnishing entertainment or recreation to the public.

Types of Business for IWC #9:
Airlines, ambulance services, boat rentals and cruises, bus lines including tours, car loading, rentals and car washes, express and parcel delivery services, garages for repair and storage, garbage collector, limousine services, maintenance of vehicles, storage facilities, parking lots, ship repair, taxi companies, towing companies, trucking rentals, and all the different companies under transportation.

Poster Information:
Applicability of Order and Definition
Hours and Days of Work
Minimum Wage
Reporting Time Pay
Licenses for Disabled Workers
Records, Cash Shortage and Breakage
Uniform and Equipment
Meals and Lodging
Meal Periods and Rest Periods
Changing Rooms and Resting Faculties
Seats, Temperature, and Elevators
Exemptions and Filing Reports
Inspection, Penalties, and Separability

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