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2021 Labor Law Poster for Your State (English)


2021 Labor Law Posters will be ready to ship in the second or third week of January.  Pre-order now in order to receive your posters as soon as they are ready!

These are state and federal combination posters.

Select your state from the drop-down menu.

Our labor law posters are guaranteed to be up-to-date at shipping time.

This image is just a sample image.  The actual poster will look different for each state.

For Spanish language posters, CLICK HERE.

We also have a District of Columbia poster.  Click here to purchase a District of Columbia Labor Law Poster.

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2021 Labor Law Poster For All States

The 2021 Labor Law Poster is all you need to meet your workplace posting requirements.  All workplaces in America must post labor law posters under federal and state laws.  Employees must know their rights.  Our 2021 labor law posters are the best way to do this!.  If you do not have the required labor law posters in your workplace, the government can give out large fines.  Can you afford to be out of compliance?  Don’t let money be stolen from your pocket!


This is an “All in One” labor law poster.  This means that it contains all of the required federal labor law notices, along with all of the required notices for your specific state.  All you need to do is select your state from the drop-down menu and order!


These are English language posters.  Many states also have Spanish-language posters available.  Having Spanish 2021 labor law posters is a good idea if you have Spanish speakers in your workplace.  We have you covered in that department.  Many employers have both English and Spanish posters to be on the safe side.


All of the required 2021 federal labor law notices are on the poster.  Each state has its own labor law notices as well.  When you select your state from the drop-down menu, your poster will include all of the required notices for that state.  The posters are guaranteed to be accurate at the time they ship.  Check back often to see if your state has had any recent updates.  This way you can be sure your are in compliance with your state’s 2021 labor law requirements.


We keep the 2021 labor law poster updated.  Any time a new requirement comes out, we make the needed changes.  This is how you know you are getting the labor law poster you need!

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