Scaffolding Safety Rules

Scaffolding Safety Rules Tailgate Safety Talk

Ignorance of scaffolding safety rules is one of the biggest dangers of working on construction sites. Dozens of workers fall from scaffolds every year because scaffold safe practices were not followed. Falls from scaffolds are likely to cause death. Those who survive are often permanently disabled and can no-longer make a living.

These accidents are often caused by faulty design or poor construction. However, most of the time the basic cause is poor maintenance or improper use – something that you can do something about.

Scaffold Safety Tips

  • Scaffold work requires a “competent person” who has had extensive training and experience working with scaffolds. OSHA requires that this person is needed to identify unsafe scaffold construction and use so that the people working with him know that they work can be done safely.
  • Scaffolds must be inspected before use every day. You are entrusting your life to the scaffold. It is vital that you check it and make sure it is safe to work on. Your company should have a scaffold inspection checklist for this purpose.
  • Check to see that platforms are closely boarded, fenced, and securely fastened.
  • Don’t stockpile materials on scaffolds. Remove all tools and left-over materials at the end of the day.
  • Never overload scaffolds. Pile necessary materials over ledger and bearer points.
  • You should never use scaffolds during storms or high winds. Imagine if there is a nearby lightning strike or big gust of wind. Will you survive if this happens?
  • Help protect scaffolds; don’t bang into them with equipment or materials. When hoisting material from the ground, control them with a tagline.
  • Only workers who are trained on scaffold safety should be permitted to work on scaffolds. This is because untrained workers are unsafe workers.

Scaffolds are extremely dangerous to workers who do not respect them. You must make sure to follow your training on scaffolding safety at all times. Scaffolding safety rules are definitely not where you want to take shortcuts!

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