How To Stay Clear Of Mobile Equipment

How To Stay Clear Of Mobile Equipment Tailgate Safety Talk

Whenever construction equipment is on your work site, you MUST watch your back. One small mistake, or one momentary distraction, can get you killed in an instant. If the mobile equipment operators and construction workers are both watching out for each other, nobody will get hurt. In this safety talk we will discuss ways to keep yourself safe when working near mobile equipment.

Safe Practices Working Near Heavy Equipment

  • Never assume equipment operators see you. Always communicate, make eye contact, or wave to them before entering their work area or crossing their path.
  • If you hear a backup alarm or engine noise, look in the direction of the noise. If you make this a habit you will never be surprised by mobile equipment moving toward you.
  • Remember that you may get used to the sound of backup alarms and stop hearing them. Make it a habit to look in the direction of these sounds the moment you hear them.
  • Equipment areas and pedestrian areas should be kept separate whenever possible. Using caution tape and signs can help keep them apart.
  • Backing of heavy equipment should be kept to a minimum. Backing should only be done over a short distance at a very low speed.
  • Before backing, operators should get out and verify that the way is clear. Using a spotter is a good idea as well.
  • Operators should check safety devices such as backup alarms, cameras, and mirrors before work starts to ensure they are working properly.
  • Workers should never stand or rest in the blind spot of any equipment or vehicles.
  • Distractions on a jobsite are just as dangerous as on the road. Nobody in the work area should use cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • You should never Hitch a ride on moving equipment. This is because you can easily fall off and get killed.
  • Never walk alongside moving equipment or vehicles because they can suddenly turns or its load shifts.
  • You should never stand below suspended loads. For example, crane loads can fall or swing into you. Forklift forks and aerial lift baskets are other examples of suspended loads.
  • Watch out for overhead obstructions like power lines and tree branches.

Final Thoughts

Heavy equipment is the most dangerous thing on your jobsite. All workers must have respect for the equipment. You must display situational awareness, avoid distractions, and plan the work so that you can go home to your family.

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