How to Avoid Accidents at Work

How to Avoid Accidents at Work Toolbox Safety Meeting

Each time somebody is injured on the job, we need to ask ourselves “how did this happen?” Just as important, we need to ask ourselves “how do we prevent these accidents from happening again?”

How Do Accidents Happen?

Work accidents don’t just happen on their own, they are caused. Most accidents are a result of somebody’s actions, as opposed to work conditions. Common actions that lead to accidents include:

  • Not paying attention or being complacent
  • Lack of knowledge about the task or the hazards
  • Taking shortcuts, or finding a “better way” to do the task instead of the safe way
  • Using the wrong tool for the job
  • Rushing through your work

There are many more actions that lead to accidents, but these are some of the most common. Workers with a good safety attitude have far fewer injuries compared to those with poor safety attitudes. Today we will discuss some general rules to follow while working.

General Safety Rules

  • Perform every task with safety in mind, rather than speed.
  • Don’t jump from one elevation to another. Use the safest route possible.
  • Never work under suspended loads.
  • Protruding nails should be removed or bent over.
  • Practice good housekeeping. Keep your work area clean and orderly.
  • Always use the personal protective equipment that is needed for each task.
  • Treat all electrical wires as if they are live.
  • Always use the correct tool for the job. Never improvise.
  • Inspect all tools before use. Defective tools should be taken out of service.

Hazard Avoidance Rules

  • Know the safe way to do your job, and then follow the safe way every time.
  • Aim to maintain safe working conditions at all times.
  • Work safely to set an example for other employees, and encourage others to do so. Their safety affects you as well!
  • Report all accidents, near misses, and injuries.


You should frequently ask yourself if you are doing your job in the safest way possible. Are you doing the job the way you were trained, or are you taking shortcuts? Taking fewer risks will drastically lower your chances of injury. Over time, taking unnecessary risks will almost guarantee that you will get hurt. Keep yourself safe by always seeking to avoid accidents.

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