Labor Law Poster Requirements in California

In California, all employers must meet specific labor law poster requirements. The Department of Industrial Relations requires that employers must post information regarding wages, hours and working conditions in an area frequented by employees where it can be easily seen and read during the workday. Additional labor law poster requirements apply to most workplaces due to the type of work being performed. Cal-OSHA has mandatory postings that must be posted along with the California Department of Labor mandated postings. Contact First American Safety via email at or (909)459-9030 for help regarding which labor law posters your facility needs.

See below for a list of the labor law posters required by the state of California.

Industrial Welfare Commission Poster (IWC):

The IWC Posters is a completely separate poster from the State and Federal Posters. The IWC poster is a mandatory poster under labor code 1183(d) and is industry specific. IWC’s must be posted along with State and Federal Postings in the state of California.

Minimum Wage:

The minimum wage for the state of California must be posted (MW-2014).

Paid sick Leave:

The Paid Sick Leave posting provides information regarding California’s Paid sick leave law under Assembly Bill 1522.

Payday Notice:

Under Labor Code Section 207; a payday notice must be posted and it must specify the regular payday intervals and the time and place the payment will be made (i.e. direct deposit, check, etc.)

Safety and Health on the Job:

Labor code section 6328 contains information for on the job safety rules and regulations.

Emergency Phone numbers:

Title 8 CA code of regulations for Construction safety orders code 1512 gives phone numbers for all emergency services in the event of an accident on the job or in the workplace.

Access to Medical and Exposure Records:

General Industry Safety Order Section 3204 provides information regarding the rights of the employees that work with hazardous or toxic materials. All employers using hazardous and or toxic chemicals must post this.

Operating Rules and Regulations for Industrial Trucks:

Under code 3664 a notice for industries using powered industrial trucks must be posted along with State and Federal Postings. A PIT poster is a separate poster that First American Safety sells to help get your company compliant with Cal-OSHA section code 3664.

Notice to employees for injuries caused by work:

Under the Division of Workers Compensation section code 9881 poster advises employees of workers compensation benefits.

Notice of Worker’s Compensation carrier and coverage:

Code 3550 requires that the name of the employers’ current worker’s compensation carrier be posted.

Whistle Blower Protection:

Code 1102.8 requires that a list of employee rights, responsibilities and the phone number to the whistle blower hotline be posted.

No Smoking:

Code 6404 states that signs must be posted showing where smoking is and is not permitted in the workplace. This law is enforced by the local law enforcement agencies.

The information above are labor law posters required by the Department of Industrial Relations. The below postings are mandatory under state and federal laws:

Discrimination and Harassment:

Government code 12900

Pregnancy and Disability Leave:

California code 7291

Family Care and Medical Leave:

The posting covers both California Code: 7297.9 & 7291.16(e)

Notice to Employees of Disability Insurance and Family Leave:

The posting advises employees of potential unemployment insurance, disability insurance and paid family leave insurance benefits under code DE1857A.

Notice to Employees about Unemployment Insurance Benefits:

Code DE1857D must be posted all employees to be notified of Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

Notice for time off to vote:

No less than 10 days before every statewide election, every employer must keep a posting in a  conspicuous place in the workplace, if practicable, or elsewhere where it can be seen as employees come or go to their work stations. The posting must comply with the provisions of code 14001.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

This posting can be found along with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

Minimum Wage:

A wage order must be posted under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act Reference number: WH1088.

Employee Polygraph Protection Act:

Employees have rights against any Polygraph test given by an employer under Reference number WH1462.

Family and Medical Leave Act:

Federal (FMLA) WH1420.

The Labor Law Posters that First American Safety sells include all of the above posters. We also sell Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Posters which must be posted along with State and Federal Laws under California Labor Code 1183(d). A number of businesses require more postings other than what is posted above. Under Cal-OSHA there are many different Safety Postings that must be posted as well (i.e. Forklift Safety, Safety Cautions, Eye Wash Signs, First Aid CPR Postings, Heat Stress Posters etc.) Contact our Posting specialist Andrew at 909-459-9030 for help regarding required labor law posters for your business.

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