Signaling Techniques for Construction Workers

Signaling Techniques for Construction Workers Free Toolbox Topic

Proper signaling techniques can greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of a construction project whether it is guiding a delivery vehicle, a forklift, or a crane. Improper signaling can kill or injure workers as well as cause severe property damage on a project. The following points are recommended discussion points when discussing signaling.

  • Everyone on the jobsite should know the signaling techniques that are in use. If workers are not on the same page it can cause confusion and mistakes. Mistakes with heavy equipment can lead to deadly consequences. Signals should be discussed as part of the daily safety briefing.
  • Operators should always know who the signal person is. Having a special color hard hat for signalers can help reduce the chance of miscommunication.

The signal person must:

  • Stand in a location where you can see both the operator and the work area.
  • Usually the signal person will watch the load, while the operator watches the signal person.
  • Never move a suspended load over workers.
  • Always warn workers when loads or equipment are going to be moving in their area.
  • Watch for overhead powerlines and other obstructions.
  • Only trained signal persons should be performing this job.

Remember, it only takes one small mistake from the signal person to cause a major accident. Make sure you and the operator communicate well and understand the signaling techniques you are using.

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