Refueling Equipment Safety Tips

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Refueling equipment is a necessary part of everyday life. As such, it is important that this task be conducted in as safe a manner as possible. Remember that gasoline and fuel oils are manufactured to cause an explosion (hopefully in the engine). A simple mistake can severely injure or kill you or the people around you. Today, we will talk about simple refueling rules.

Basic Fuel Safety Rules

  1. Always focus on what you are doing. Avoid all distractions.
  2. Never smoke near fueling operations.
  3. Don’t refuel near open flames or anything that can create a spark.
  4. Fire extinguishers should always be located nearby fueling areas.
  5. Chock the wheels if the vehicle may move.
  6. Always shut the engine off before fueling.
  7. Check to ensure that both the fuel dispenser and the equipment are grounded.
  8. Be careful not to spill fuel. This creates a safety, health, and environmental hazard.
  9. Don’t overfill the fuel tank. This can cause spillage. Fuel will also expand on hot days, which can cause fuel to leak if the tank is too full.
  10. Spill containment equipment should always be on-hand.
  11. Before fueling, you should discharge your static electricity by touching a grounded metal object.
  12. Avoid getting fuel on your hands. If this happens, wash it off immediately.

Final Thoughts

If there is a refueling area, be sure it is clearly marked and keep the area neat at all times. Whether you are filling a bulldozer or a chain saw, it’s better to do it properly than to risk an explosion that could ruin or end your life and the life of those all around you. Remember gasoline was designed to explode when ignited.

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