Awareness of Homeless People on Construction Sites

Awareness of Homeless People on Construction Sites Free Tailgate Safety Meeting Topic

As you may have noticed, the homeless population has increased in recent years.  Having awareness of homeless people on construction sites can prevent tragic accidents. Homeless people sometimes enter work sites. Some have been found sleeping near, under, and even on construction equipment left at work sites, especially when the equipment has been sitting overnight.  This can lead to tragic accidents if equipment is moved while a person is in the way.

Before any vehicle or piece of equipment is moved, especially if it has sat for several hours, employees should perform a walk-around inspection and check underneath to ensure that nobody is in the way. 

This applies to anything that might be moved on a jobsite, including normally stationary items like wash-out bins, dumpsters, portable toilets, etc.  Please take a few seconds to check around, underneath, and even inside these items to ensure they are clear.

It only takes a few seconds to help prevent a tragic accident.  Before you move something, think to yourself “am I certain nobody is in the way?” Doing this doesn’t just protect homeless people, it can protect your coworker and yourself as well.

If an individual enters an active work site, alert other employees around you of the situation.  If necessary, politely attempt to warn the person that this is a closed construction area.  Keep your distance and never place your hands on anybody.  Warn nearby equipment operators and drivers, if possible.

People who are mentally ill or under the influence of drugs/alcohol can be unpredictable, and sometimes violent.  Avoid contact with them.  If potentially threatening people are nearby, keep your distance, warn others, and keep a close eye on them.  Call 911 if a dangerous situation may develop.

Keys should be removed from unattended vehicles and equipment, and doors should be locked to prevent theft or unauthorized operation.

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